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Navigating your plan
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1. Plan Profile - Creating a Plan

Long-term Care Choices Navigator can help you:

  • Learn about needs,
  • Become aware of the choices that are available and find them.
  • Save or print the plan for later.

By using this tool, you will build your plan for care that includes services, Web sites, tip sheets and documents with detailed information.

Seniors and their families are often the best at deciding what they need. Some people report frustration in seeking long-term care help for themselves or a family member because it is complex. If this is your first time finding long-term care, we recommend you spend the time going through each section step-by-step. After you have completed all of the sections and selected services for the plan, you will have a better understanding of what is available. You may also choose to skip Navigator pages using the "Skip" button at the top of any page.

If you want to speak with someone to get help with selecting services or answering questions, call the Senior LinkAge Line® at 1-800-333-2433. The Linkage Line is answered Monday - Friday, 8am - 4:30pm.

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