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What is MinnesotaHelp NOW!?

  • MinnesotaHelp NOW! is a free service that helps you find information on
  • Consult with experts to find resources in your community and get access to experts.
  • Please be aware that we cannot provide you with legal or medical advice. Our experts are not attorneys or physicians.
  • We will do our best to provide you with information and options that will help you make a decision. We cannot make the final decision for you.
  • MinnesotaHelp NOW! is a service of the MinnesotaHelp Network™ which includes:
    • Senior LinkAge Line® 1-800-333-2433
    • Disability Linkage Line® 1-866-333-2466
    • Veterans Linkage Line™ 1-888-546-5838 (1-888-LinkVet)